Semi-cloisonne Collar pin or Lapel pin

collar pin malaysia enamelSemi-cloisonne is a method of process that also called as – Eploa, Synthetic enamel & imitation enamel which used to produce collar pin / lapel pin. It is similar to cloisonne (hard enamel) and it’s modern substitute to it. In order to provide colors instead of cloisonne color , a special liquid epoxy material is utilized and make the logo surface flat & smooth . The colors can also be matched with pantone colors with this process .

This method is use for the outcome of shinier collar pin with low cost, fast delivery time and much more colors to choose from compare to hard enamel material so it is best replacement to cloisonne type lapel pin.
The surface of this semi-cloisonne pin is smooth , flat and when you touch it with your fingers you will feel slightly raised text/logo (depends on the design). It is significantly different with soft enamel.

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